US Money Reserve’s New & Highly Beneficial eBook

It was very recently reported that the US Money Reserve is informing customers in a new eBook on how to protect one’s wealth during increasing global adversities. US Money Reserve, who is the proven, leading authority in gold, silver, and platinum investing and is located in Austin, Texas, has just released an eBook the same day of the report dated June 20, 2017 from PRNewswire.

In the eBook, it states how buying gold is a practically safe way to maintain wealth during adverse world conditions, such as massive cyber attacks, terror attacks, and unstable economic conditions. The name of the book is called The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.

With the eBook, US Money Reserve is offering for a limited time gold American Eagle Coin at 1/10th oz. for a special price. And furthermore, this online book is aiming to educate concerned Americans on how to protect their money with gold ownership, and how to stand against worldwide economic risks.

PR Newswire said that US Money Reserve’s president, Philip N. Diehl, stated that gold has been the safe haven asset in the world for a long time. He further stated that this is why they’ve seen the greatest price surge in gold during uncertain economic periods.

He also stated that gold is a powerful tool that is approved by the government because of its tangibility, and it’s less vulnerable to volatility.

For ordering information of US Money Reserve‘s new eBook, customers can go to They can also contact via phone or email the company’s leadership, Lacy Rushin or Christol Farris, at 512-583-6542. Their email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected]

About the U.S. Money Reserve

Since their establishment in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve,, has been serving over 400,000 satisfied customers. They distribute US government issued coins as well as foreign legal tendered products.

They also assist clients in their purchase of platinum, silver, and gold products. With their professional team, relationships with their clients continue to flourish as their wealth flourish.

And furthermore, they can be contacted online at their site or by phone at 1-866-MINT-GOLD. They even have a buyback guarantee for customers who are not satisfied of their purchase, if they return any portion of their purchase within 30 days of it. This will be for a full refund with the exclusion of insurance, shipping, and handling.

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Visiting Napa Valley with Traveling Vineyard to Learn About Wine

If you love wines or you know a wine lover, you probably heard of the Napa Valley, a stunning place in California where people who love the science and process behind preparing wine can go to enjoy more about the culture. In Napa Valley, you will experience at first hand the grapes that are commercialized in the entire world, because they are considered some of the best grapes to be used for the preparation of wines.

These grapes are seemingly ordinary, but they have a very high fermentation benefit and potential to become a great fruit to be used in the process of making the drink. Not only that, but because most of the travelers who visit Napa Valley are either looking to connect themselves with nature or trying to learn more about the culture behind the wine, the local community is interconnected with the subject and can teach a lot if asked. Many lovers of the drink come to learn more, and end up experienced new tricks and tips about the process of making the wine, be it the fermentation process or another one.

Traveling Vineyard is a company that can take people to places like the Napa Valley to experience more about the subject. The group is renowned for being one of the first choices for anyone looking to delve into the wine culture, as they open opportunities and have already taken tons of clients to the Napa Valley, especially because it is one of the most requested destination.

In the valley, you can also directly experience the best of what nature has to offer. With California’s weather and flora, people love visiting Napa Valley because of the quiet and soothing nature around it, and a very peaceful atmosphere. The people that live in the valley are very helpful, and they can also show some paths to visitants through the local flora that take customers to very nice places among the woods that they will never forget.

According to a wine guide in the Traveling Vineyard program, you can also become one of their employees by joining their group of guides. Like a big family, they are always helping each other and have a great synergy that allows them to present great wine material and experience the best of the subject in the meantime.

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James Dondero Pledges $1 million to The Family Place Campaign

On October 7, 2016, James Dondero, Chairman of Highland Capital Management, declared that the company had presented $1 million in grant money to assist The Family Place’s campaign. Nonetheless, The Family Place requires $2.8 million to reach their goal of $16.5 million. Thus, the firm’s challenge grant will ensure that The Family Place completes its crusade.


The Family Place Campaign


The funds realized in The Family Place’s campaign will be used in the construction of a new Central Dallas Centre for domestic violence victims that will be called the Ann Moody Center. The center consists of 13 emergency housing bedrooms as well as medical and dental hospitals.


The Ann Moody Center aims to assist over 2000 victims of family violence every year. Additionally, it will accommodate the agency’s Be Project, which educates the youth on how to prevent against cases of bullying and violence. The project helps over 6000 students annually.


The Family Place


The Family Place is the leading domestic violence agency in Texas. It aims to abolish domestic violence through public education, advocacy, and helping victims and their families. Since 1978, The Family Place has assisted over 225,000 clients, offered accommodation to 22,000 homeless people and replied to calls from 550,000 victims. Additionally, perpetrators of domestic violence have been rehabilitated to amend their conduct.


James Dondero’s Profile


James Dondero is the Co-founder, and head of Highland Capital Management. He resides in Dallas, Texas. His 30-year experience in credit and equity markets has seen him gain invaluable skills and knowledge in these fields. This has allowed hm to grow, expand, and increase the profitability of Highland Capital Management.



He is the head of Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. Additionally, he is an associate of America Banknote and MGM Studios. Mr. Dondero is a philanthropist who has contributed a lot to causes touching on education, veteran affairs, and public policy matters. Today, Dondero is a revered business leader in the financial industry and continues to inspire others both within and outside Highland Capital Management.

A Brief look at Omar Yunes and his Journey to become the Best Franchisee of the World

Omar Yunes, who is the Sushi ltto franchisee, recently won the competition of the Best Franchisee of the World. This competition was carried out on 5th December last year in the city of Florence Italy. This was for the contributions to the brand he was representing. Omar was 21 years of age when he became a franchisee of the Japanese food chain. He is currently the owner of 13 units of franchise situated in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla.

There were representatives from over 30 countries in attendance at the 2015 edition of the BFW. Some of these countries consisted of Argentina, France, Hungary, Mexico, and Portugal among others. The impact of the franchise on the network was evaluated and not the brand.

Diego Elizarrarrás, who was also a part of the organizers in BFW Mexico and won the first position in the national qualifier stated that he believed he attained the highest award due to the fact that he played the role of a crucial factor of change in the relationship of franchising, attaining a management of information which is better and control boards implementation which aid in having more straightforward measurements in every unit.

The BFW aims to showcase this competition on the exceptional leadership, teamwork, and implementation and innovation process of every franchise. The BFW thrives to highlight this competition on the incredible teamwork, leadership, innovation and implementation of the processes of each franchise

Omar Yunes is a part of the major Mexican Franchisees who aided in placing Mexico on the business map internationally because of his contributions and creativity to Sushi Itto. He got rewarded for his efforts when he became the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World. Omar Yunes portrays the Japanese Food Chain which is a brand he began working with when he was 21 years of age on a franchise basis. Omar is currently the owner of 13 units all situated in the City of Veracruz, Mexico, and Puebla. In reality, that is around 10 percent of all the units owned by the Japanese food chain.

David L. Giertz Shares Some Financial Insights

David Giertz is an experienced nationwide financial advisor with over 31 years’ experience in the industry. He is the current president of Nationwide Financials’ sales and Distribution where he has a track record of delivering exemplary operations results; he has helped the division grow to 17.8B in profitable revenue.

David is registered with FINRA as a broker and has been working with Nationwide Investment Services Corporations for over 17 years now. Brokers act as sales personnel who work for larger brokerage firms.

The firms are typically in the business of buying and selling securities like bonds, mutual funds, stocks and other investment-related products on Just like individuals, the companies are also registered with FINRA and can engage in transactions of safety on behalf of its customers either as a dealer or as the broker.

One of the recent concerns about the financial industry is that advisers are not talking to their clients about social security. David Giertz was part of the team that did a survey with the Nationwide financial institute with an aim to address this concern. The outcome of the study indicated that more people were willing to change adviser if he would not tackle the issue of social security.

David admits that the social security subject is a complex one. According to him, this is the reason why advisers are shying away from the topic reported on They might not understand or have enough confidence in the many rules involved in the subject for them to share with the client. However, David cations financial advisers to rethink their ways as there is a lot of money at stake.

David’s Career & Qualifications
Before joining Nationwide, David worked at Citicorp Investments for eight years, and financial Horizons Security Corporation for four years. He has been accredited as a broker through the state Securities Law Exam, Product exam, General industry, and the Principal/supervisory exam. David is also certified by the World Association of Business Couches as a Certified Business couch.


The Life In Philanthropy

Dick Devos is more than the former owner of the Orlando Magic and more than the former Amway President. When this man’s name is spoken, those familiar with him first think of Grand Rapids. They also think of a life in charity work. He lives in an area of Michigan where the Devos family is known and where many wealthy Republicans are known to reside.

It’s even reported, in many cases, that the bulk of conservative U.S. republican party supporters are localized here. Grand Rapids, Mich., is also where the brand, which soars as high as Wal-Mart and Nike, was born. The Amway Corp. is a unique prospect and not just any typical business. It’s Mr. DeVos Sr. who started the name.


We can only imagine the impact it had on the young child Dick DeVos and the more we look into it. Charity only follows. Amway’s business model is one often designated as a MLM. This stands for multi-level marketing. The business model is one where Amway distributes its team of reps to sell products or services direct and without stores.


Though this is a simplified perspective, MLMs operate by enabling salesmen to distribute products. But those salesmen benefit more by recruiting others into the business. Which puts the goal of success in Amway within the hands of those building a larger salesforce for its business. That’s where Dick DeVos started out.


Though his father co-founded the Amway Corporation, Dick would eventually sit as president of the corporation that his father built from the ground up. There’s only one way to get the reputation that men like Dick DeVos has today. He learned the business from his personal experience as a sales rep and from family members.


Some would call it a match made in heaven. And it’s no secret as to how a nurturing environment like what Dick had helped. Digging deep into what Amway offers its team of sales rep shows us a world of unlimited potential. The DeVos family is today known for wealth and a long record of it.


So when Dick retired from his presidential chair, he had one thing to do. To this day, Mr. Devos and his wife Betsy have become a face of philanthropy and a force in the world of U.S. politics. With Dick’s wife now employed by the Trump administration, it’s no telling what more this family will contribute. The veil is being lifted.

How to Find the Right Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board licensed plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery and is officially fellowship-skilled in Cosmetic surgical treatment. She relocated her busy cosmetic surgical treatment practice to Texas, from New York City, for her twin sons to be raised near her family.Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews is honored to be acknowledged as a Texas Super Doctor by the Texas Monthly December 2014 issue. Super Doctor is a listing of excellent physicians from over 40 medical professionals who have achieved a high degree of peer acknowledgment or expert accomplishment. Super Doctors is a choosy yet diverse listing of exceptional doctors, representing client oriented specialties.

Every year MSP communication invites physicians to nominate associates they know to be outstanding in their particular field. Dockets are required to take into consideration some of the things as if they require medical attention in one of the following specialties, which physicians would you prefer.Finding a top doctor in Texas is a hard task. The moment you endorse your life in the hands of somebody, you need to feel confident that this is a person with enough smart credentials and ability to offer you the care you deserve. You are supposed to look for a doctor and interrogate him the same way you interrogate lawyer or an accountant.

What to consider when evaluating a doctor

The type of the care you need is one of the things to consider. A primary care physician is helpful in maintaining your health condition, offers a home base for all your medical requirements, and it is where you go to when illness strikes you. A professional has a deeper, but the narrow skill set, and might serve only an interim purpose such as diagnosing a disease or designing a treatment routine. Specialists recommend beginning with a primary care physician who can then direct you to the most suitable professional.Having identified the doctors you need, the subsequent step is to yourself what blends of professionalism and individuality characters are essential to you so that you and the physician will be a good fit. It is a mix that noticeably relays on the relationship you will create with the physicians. If it is an enduring, like the one with the primary care physician or with an expert who keeps checking on you for an ongoing condition, individuality, and demeanor will carry extra weight than if it is a one or two-time meeting with a professional or surgeon.Visit her Facebook account : Click here.