David Osio’s Group of Companies Launch Davos CAP Calculator

David Osio has played an instrumental role in the financial growth of Davos Financial Group (DFG). He founded the company back in 1993 based on his interest in financial advisory services. The group’s main vision is to formulate efficient and suitable investment strategies for its clients. DFG recently advanced their real estate initiatives by launching a brilliant app called Davos CAP Calculator. The group revealed the news of the app to its customers in an official statement posted on their website. The app is one of the group’s flagship products that meet the federal regulatory framework requirements.

The Davos CAP Calculator

The app consists of add-ons that DFG clients can use when calculating investment returns on real estate properties. Gerard Gonzalez, one of the executives on DFG’s leadership team, collaborated with Tecknolution while conceptualizing the app. He said that the CAP Calculator is a creative tool that would enable those interested in real estate investments to buy properties on a cost-effective basis. He also pointed out that the app lists affordable properties based on people’s projected incomes.

The Davos CAP Calculator runs on devices built for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. Its add-ons can find real estate properties and give DFG clients insights on how to invest wisely in these properties. The customers can also send their questions about investment returns on an interactive chat feature. After the launch, Davis Osio was pleased since the app operates based on DFG’s business objective. He also said that the Davos CAP Calculator is ideal for DFG’s clients who would like to buy properties in the US.

David Osio’s Background

Osio spent most of his career working for financial advisory companies. In 1981, he worked for OPED Enterprise’s coffee export program as the chief executive officer and president. LETCO Commercial Companies later offered him an executive job offer. He accepted the offer and served as the head of US-based structured marketing programs. Osio also practiced law as he worked for MGO. His international banking law knowledge enabled him to close deals with big banking institutions such as Ferro Corporation.

In 1993, Miami-based Banco Latino International also employed him as a private banking executive. The company recorded an increase in its customer portfolio and later promoted him to the vice president position. DFG attributes its success to Osio’s financial advisory efforts. Osio ensured that all companies under DFG’s charter offer tailored services to their clients.

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Lime Crime: A Thing of Beauty

Doe Deere on Ideamensch
How often do we tone ourselves down, afraid our style or personality might be a little too much for others to handle? How often do we wish we had just a little more courage to wear all of those colors that make us stand out from the crowd? For generations, we have been searching for that color or trend or style to give us a little extra flare in our lives. And now, because of Lime Crime, we have that.

Lime Crime supports its customers by sharing the courage to be an individual. With the bold and bright colors, you will feel like you are making a statement every time you walk out into the street. That statement you are making is that you are unique. We all have qualities in us that make us individuals, but now we can show these qualities on the outside.

Doe Deere, the mind behind Lime Crime, has taken her skills as an entrepreneur and artist to give people permission to be themselves. Through her love of color and inspirational drive, she is telling us to be bold, to be unique, to be ourselves. And we could not be more excited. She has come a long way from the little girl in Russia selling temporary tattoos to her classmates to the determined business woman she is now. The way she runs her business reflects the incredible individual she is. She believes kindness is always the best way to run a business, and through her musical career in New York as a young woman, she has learned to appreciate all of the different roles others played in her life.

Doe Deere is a role model for young women everywhere. They can learn an unlimited amount of work ethic from her, along with how to cherish others around you and how to love yourself. These qualities that seem to come so naturally to her has allowed her to build Lime Crime into the astounding business it is. Lime Crime is not just make up. It is a voice for people all over the world to use to express their creativity. That, among many other reasons, is what makes this company so different.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime support all of us in our journey to finding who we are as individuals. It is okay to be bold. It is okay to be unique. It is okay to be you.

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Boraie Makes Sense for New Jersey

There are many areas in New Jersey that have not been developed and people are just waiting for the right company to come along and do the developments in those areas. They want to make sure that the right company does it, though. For most areas, it seems that Boraie Development LLC would be the most logical choice because of all of the different things that they have done for their business. They are able to develop different areas on boraierealty.com that they are in and they are also able to sell these to their clients. They even provide property management to the people who they work with.

Developing can be hard to get into and Boraie Development LLC and Omar Boraie has been able to do it the right way. They want to make sure that they are doing the right thing and that they are getting what they want out of the places that they develop for all of their clients. They want their clients to be happy no matter where they are located and this means that they are able to do the right thing when it comes to the development of different areas on Manta. Whether it is residential, retail or commercial, Boraie is able to handle it.

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Once Boraie Development LLC has developed a property, they are also able to work on selling it. Since they have the real estate licenses that they need, they do not need to worry about hiring an agent. They can make sure that they are doing the right thing with their business by selling the properties on boraie.com that they have recently developed. This gives them the chance to make sure that they are doing everything right and that they don’t need to rely on different companies for any steps of the process of developing properties in the area that they are in.

When it comes to property management, Boraie Development LLC is also able to do that. They want their clients to be happy with what they have and what they have done. This means that they can also offer them the property management that they need at their own properties. Boraie Development LLC works to take care of all of the properties that they develop but the management aspect is one thing that clients can choose to add on. It gives them a peace of mind that comes with knowing they don’t have to do much.

Securus Technologies on how GTL tried to gain unfair advantage

In every business sector, there are always crooked players that try to use underhand methods to get an unfair advantage over their rivals. However, there are honest companies that try to expose such misconducts. Securus Technologies recently released a report that depicts misconduct of its competitor company GTL. GTL has engaged in various malpractices and has gained an unfair advantage over its rivals. Securus Technologies released a press release concerning the information in the PR News website. The whole press release highlights how far GTL has gone to steal its customer cash.

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In the press release, Securus Technologies CEO stated that GTL has always gone to incorporate unethical practices to get ahead in the industry. The communication body set rules that were to regulate the industry. However, GTL disrespected those standards and flouted them. To GTL, making money is the central focus of their business. It wants to gain advantage over its rivals, even if it means engaging in unethical activities.


Securus Technologies, on the other hand, is a reliable company that values integrity and customer service above everything else. The company offers its services to more than 3500 law enforcement and prison agencies throughout the North America region. More than one million inmates have benefited from the excellent services provided by the company. Securus America always strives to provide the best services to its clients. It does this through seamless connection. The nature of services by the firm are based on inmate monitoring and information management services.


The quality of integrity as shown by Securus has seen the company increase its profits in the past. Securus Technologies has grown to become one of the largest firms in the inmate communications field. The company stands true to its motto of Connecting What Matters. The recent acquisition of JPay means that it will offer better services. Securus is always dedicated to providing unmatched services to clients and customers.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Change the Makeup Game

Doe Deere Ideamensch Interview
Lime Crime has something that no other makeup brand has: Doe Deere. She is the mastermind behind the brand and she always makes sure that her personality shines through the brand that has given her the ability to produce much more than simple makeup tutorials and things for people to be inspired by.

When Doe Deere first began her foray into the makeup world, she was a blogger. She made videos and tutorials for people on how to do their makeup in bold ways. She went out and found the rare bright colors that were available on the market at that time. She made sure that all of her clients were happy and that her readers had a chance to see what makeup could really mean to them. She wanted to make sure that her readers had a chance to do everything possible when it came to their makeup. She even told people where they could find the occasional bright makeup that was available at that time.

As things began to improve for Doe Deere, she went on to make big differences in the way that things worked for her makeup brand. Lime Crime was something that enabled her to do different things and it helped her to make things better for what she had already done. At the time, Lime Crime was the only makeup brand that sold bright makeup and people were clamoring for a taste of what it was like to have the brightly colored pigments at the touch of a button. This was something that had never been done before.

Since Lime Crime has been so prominent, it has been able to serve a lot of people. People who are looking for different options are able to use the Lime Crime colors to their advantage. They can make sure that they are doing the right thing and that they are getting the most out of their makeup. Not only is Lime Crime marketed by Doe Deere to women who are looking for fun makeup, but it is also for men who want to take a jaunt into the makeup world. She allows the makeup to work for both men and women.

Now that Doe Deere has been so successful with Lime Crime, she doesn’t plan to stop at any time in the future. She wants to make sure that Lime Crime continues to grow and that the makeup is able to be improved. She is planning more colors, special collections and even limited edition options for people who want something more than boring beige or traditional red. She suggests that anyone who loves bright and fun makeup keep their eyes out for what is to come in the future.

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First Three, UK Vintners & Wine Merchants I see…

While searching the internet for vintners and wine merchants in the UK, I used Google.co.uk for the first time. I thought, why not write about the first three “recommendations” Google “suggests”? Let us see what wine is like on the other side of the Atlantic…

But first, what exactly is a UK Vintner?

The 1st “Recommendation”: United Kingdom Vintners (UKV)

UKV PLC is a small business doing some big business across the UK. They are privately owned and operated; however, they have access to an extensive supply chain. What separates this company from the rest of the vintners and wine merchants in the UK?

Personality, is the correct answer. UKV is staffed with expert wine consultants. They are ready to assist customers over the phone or customers can schedule a private, in-house consultation!

The 2nd “Recommendation”: The Vintner

The Vintner is an independently run, London based wine merchant. Apparently, this place is quite popular among the locals. What makes The Vintner stand out?

Top-Notch Wine and Membership perks, are the correct answer. The Vintner produces 100, hand-crafted wines for you or your business. Not to mention, “The Vault Club”. This membership comes with special, members-only discounts and perks.

The 3rd “Recommendation”: Yorkshire Vintners Wine Merchants

YorkShire Vintners is a another, small business doing some big things. They are rapidly expanding their customer base beyond Yorkshire. This is great news for those of us looking to buy wine, wholesale!

I’ll skip the question this time. Yes, the ability to buy in bulk is always a good deal. However, buying wholesale is even better! Especially if you have a large party attending a wedding or other private function.

Oh, and Yorkshire Vintners delivers!!



Gooee Smart Lighting For Your Warehouse

A warehouse that has a lot of product in it has to have lighting, but the lighting is going to be much better when people have installed Gooee smart lighting. The smart lighting that people are going to use is something that they need to have installed with the fixtures that they get from Gooee. The Gooee smart lighting that there is in the warehouse will turn on and off with no problem. It is very easy for people to get the lights programmed, and they can use the smart lighting to set the lights without putting someone in the building. That is a big part of running a space like that, and it only works if people are willing to purchase these items.

The Gooee smart lighting fixtures that people are going for are really nice because they are very clean and easy to use. It is much simpler to use these devices when they are installed in a warehouse, and they will light up the room when needed. No one needs that much lighting for just one of these warehouses, but they need enough to see when they come into the room. The room will look a lot better when it has been lit up by these lights, and they are a lot stronger because of the LED lights. The lights are very easy to install, and they can be programmed with no problem.

Everyone who is ready to make sure that they can light up their large building should use Gooee smart lighting.