Pushing Back Against The Powerful: Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is, perhaps, one of the most famous and successful living anti socialist and anti tyranny advocate in the western world. He is most well known, however, as the leader and principal founder of the United States based Human Rights Foundation which has grown to become one of the most profligate and well known human rights groups in the world.

However, unlike many other well known social activists Mr. Halvorssen has had first hand and personal experience with his subject matter, namely that of socialist tyranny. Indeed his embattled history with socialism recedes back beyond his own birth and begins with his grandfather, Oystein who was counselor to the King of Norway during World War II. It was recorded that the cantankerous Oystein was once accosted by two Nazis at which point he engaged in a sunderous fist fight!

According to Forbes and Buzzfeed, But Thor Halvorssen is no stranger to similar kinds of conflict himself. Indeed, one of the things which most starkly differentiate him from all too many would be social activists is his willingness to get down in the dirt and sweat and bleed for his cause. To illustrate, during a 2010 trip to the city of Hoh Chi Mihn in which the intrepid human rights activist hoped to speak to the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Halvorssen was accosted by the state police.

What happened was, the Unified Buddist Church of Vietnam had been expunged and it’s leader, Thich Quang Do, had been placed under house arrest. It was during the elderly religious leader’s 28th year in imprisonment within his own home that Halvorssen paid him a visit by sneaking into his house after prearranging a meeting.

The two men sat down with Halvorssen recording the interview. However, problems occurred the moment Halvorssen attempted to sneak out of the house as he was swiftly surrounded by a myriad of police officers. They arrested Halvorssen, imprisoned him and then decided to have some fun at his expense and beat him black and blue. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://humanrightsfoundation.org/about/board-and-international-council/thor-halvorssen

Yet the Vietnamese police were not to have the last laugh, as Halvorssen had hidden the tape completely. With the aid of a confederate, who hid the chip recording in his rectum, they were able to smuggle the interview out of the country. Now that is dedication!

Madison Street Capital Recognized for its Brilliant Performance in the Financial Service industry

Madison Street Capital, which was nominated for the 15th M&A Advisor Awards, has been announced as the finalist. M&A Advisor Awards is an honor awarded by M&A Advisor to recognize leading firms that triumph in the financial business. Madison Street Capital’s excellence has also been rewarded by it being nominated for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Madison Street Capital’s managing director, Mr. Karl D’Cunha, participated in the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A by Dowco. If the high-profile nomination is anything to go by, D’ Cunha efforts paid off.

Acquisition of the Acuna and Asociados warranted Madison Street Capital for the award as it was an international trade. Madison Street Capital takes great pride in scooping all these awards, and the company owes this achievement to its employees who work across borders to ensure its clients are satisfied. In a nutshell, Madison Street Capital is the leading investment banking company across the globe.

Madison Street Capital’s business activities

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company that provides financial advisory services, and its senior managing director is Mr. Karl D’Cunha. This private company based in Chicago, Illinois was established in 1998 and has been operational since then. Charles Botchway, who is still the chief executive officer, founded Madison Street Capital. According to Botchway, the idea of establishing Madison Street Capital was born from his desire to focus on offering M&A expertise and addressing the corporate financial needs of the middle market clients.

The company offers financial advisory services, capital restructuring, mergers and acquisition, buyout, and private placement advisory services. The company specializes in the provision of exceptional goodwill and valuation of intangible assets. Madison’s has a broad range of clientele which includes Central Iowa Energy, LLC, Bond Medial Group, Inc., and Fiber Science, Inc. Services offered by Madison Capital enable their clients to compete and flourish in the global market.

Madison Street Capital has succeeded in the banking industry; it was selected as the exclusive investment banker to the Pacific Shore Holdings. This company encourages new markets and views them as the core component that drives the global growth. Since 2001, Madison Street Capital has invested billions of dollars to support the middle market private equity. Partnering with the middle-market has enabled the company to navigate transactions to attain the best possible results. Madison Street Capital’s employees understand the needs of each client they handle, and they take time to analyze and understand their precise needs. Upon understanding their needs, they enable them to come up with an ideal match between sellers and buyers, by creating capitalization structures capable of optimizing the potential of each client. Madison Street Capital’s clients have tremendous confidence in the company due to its elevated level of professionalism.

Madison Street Capital is The Finalist of 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award

Founded in 1998, the M&A Advisor provides insights and intelligence on M&A activities. Every year they awarded companies in different categories for providing extraordinary service to the industry. For the year 2016, they have announced the finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award. Madison Street Capital was announced as one of the finalists in two different categories; Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. Learn more: http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/16/08/r8401008/madison-street-capital-announced-as-finalist-for-the-15th-annual-m-a-ad

The M&A Advisor award is a prestigious recognition among the participants as the pioneer in the financial industry. To award a company, the selectors consider few parameters which include deal making expertise, financing, restructuring, contribution, and achievement in the industry. They are the leading organization to create a global network of M&A, Financial and Turnaround professionals. With this award, the honored company gets the recognition, and exposure as the leader of the industry.

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a globally operated investment banking firm which has prominence expertise in M&A, financial advisory services, and valuations. They have offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. The organization works closely with both private and publicly governed companies to help in all financial areas including deal structuring, corporate finance, due diligence and market pricing, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, categorized financings, and the design and execution of substitute exit strategies.

One of their major services is Acquisition, and they have helped one of their clients Dowco to acquire another company. M&A Advisor praised the effective advisory role for helping Dowco to acquire a cross-country firm Acuna & Asociados S.A. The acquisition was led by the Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. This transaction was one of the achievements M&A Advisor took into account for awarding MSC as a finalist.

Madison Street Capital has prior experience, knowledge, and skill to understand the unique client situation for both owners and investors. In every transaction, Madison Street Capital creates opportunities and benefits for both buyers and sellers.

In a statement, the CEO and Founder, Charles Botchway told that they are very pleased to assist their longstanding client Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. He also stated that they feel honored to be nominated as the finalist of Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. However, the two dealing companies were in a different time zone, but their dealmakers worked hard to make this fruitful for both of the companies for their substantial growth and success.

The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Karl D’Cunha also stated that it was one of the complex cross-country deals they have succeeded to accomplish. They feel very proud and grateful for this achievement.

The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award Gala will be held at New York Athletic Club on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

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New Zealand – A Tax Heaven?

New Zealand – A Tax Heaven?

A lot of rich guys love tax heaven because, they think, it is the perfect way of getting rid of the tax man. That’s the reason why they love these things. We are going to talk a little bit about NZ and the things this country has to do with foreign trust. We will also talk about Geoffrey Cone and his lovely home in Uruguay.

Not a Tax Heaven

You cannot say that New Zealand is a tax heaven. NZ does not lack transparency, their laws and procedures allow it to share information with other governments, and the country also taxes corporations. NZ is also included in the white list of countries, which means that they know what they are doing in terms of taxes. NZ also knows how to handle foreign trusts and the requirements that trustees must endure. All of the records of a trust must be kept in the country and in proper English. NZ has also a wide array of double tax agreements.

The country also has many information exchange agreements related to tax data. Foreign trusts are used for succession planning and asset protection in NZ, not for tax avoidance. The reason why NZ has so many foreign trusted is that the country has very good laws in place. The country also enjoys a good professional and legal infrastructure. The high caliber of the institutions in NZ also talks wonders about this country`s power to enforce laws. NZ has a lot of respected accountants and lawyer handles these foreign trusts. New Zealand does not compete with any tax heaven out there.

Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone is a home owner who loves South America. He has a rustic yet beautiful house there. Uruguay seems to be the perfect place for Geoffrey Cone as he has built a lovely home there. He says that even Brazilians are taking vacations where he has his home, as they love world-class restaurants, roadside veggies, and modernist houses. Geoffrey Cone has his adorable house in a 2.5ha property that he bought some years ago. He hired an experienced architect to build the house of his dreams, and he got it indeed. He also gave his architect free reign in every aspect of the building process.

As you can see, NZ is free from any guilt in term of tax heavens. They have qualified lawyers and accountants that have tons of respect in the international community. Geoffrey Cone also has a lovely house in Uruguay, which is his adorable crib for retirement as well.

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Jerusalem Post sees a leader in Adam Milstein

In its announcement of the top influential people who are likely to impact the world in significant ways, the mentioning of Adam Milstein did not come as a surprise. Adam came 39th in the list of 50 people. The father of 3 daughters was born and raised in Israel and later opted for real estate development as his preferred career having acquired some of the skills he needed from his father.

It is his philanthropy deeds that might have earned him the hyped position. Having helped to found and chair the Israel-American Council, most people describe him as being passionate in matters of impacting the world. It is his self-drive that earned him positions in noticeable organizations such as Birthright Israel, AIPAC National Council and Campus Coalition among many others.

In his award acceptance speech, Milstein expressed his joy in being listed among many other great people by the Jerusalem post. He went on to thank his wife and the organizations he has worked with, most importantly the IAC. According to him, IAC is what provided the platform for him to make such a huge impact in the world.

In his account of how he got into philanthropically related activities, Adam states that is through his Jewish business partner that he got inspired to bring philanthropy to Israel, which seemed to be a little behind on the matter back then. He went on to make the ties between the Jewish people stronger by coming up with a family foundation. The aim of the foundation as at now is to make the alliance between Israel and U.S. stronger. This, he says, will see to it that more charities come up in Israel.

Adam Milstein doesn’t seem to have any problems in running his activities as to him; he has all the funding he needs. With the connections he has, philanthropy is a walk in the park to him. He surely should be able to make a greater impact with such a kind of attitude.

Source: http://www.jewishjournal.com/giving/article/adam_milstein_leading_by_example

Andy Wirth Wants To Help Preserve Skiing Fun At His Resorts

Skiing has been a popular pastime since nearly the start of time. Art shows skiers strapping boards to their feet and going across ice and snow for thousands of years. Today, people everywhere still enjoy skiing during the winter. This is something that ski enthusiast and businessman Andy Wirth fully knows. He is the Chief Operating Officer of the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resort. Under his leadership, the area has become one in which skiers find wonderfully easy to be in and to spend as much time on the slopes as possible. With his leadership skills, the area continues to be transformed and updated in new and delightful ways. His latest project is one that will help skiers get even more time on the slopes than ever before.

A Gondola Project

During a recent announcement, officials in the area and those who love to ski were pleased to learn that Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has brand new and highly anticipated plans to build a state of the art gondola that will help connect the Squaw Valley resort to the Alpine Meadows resort. The planned base-to-base gondola is going to be operated in three separate parts, each with a specific area. The gondola will start operating and bringing in passengers at the very bottom of the Squaw Valley resort.

Connecting Two Places

Once passengers leave the Squaw Valley area, they will be whisked directly up and right over a ridge that lies between both of the mountains. This will enable the visitor to get over the Square Valley area and then get set down right at the bottom of the Alpine Meadows resort. This means that the skier need not worry about getting from one resort to the next with a car. Wirth, an avid skier who loves the outdoors, knows that he can help his visitors see as much of the area as they can when they are visiting here. He also knows that this plan will enable all skiers to spend far less time on the road and more time rushing down the region’s glorious mountains.

Kenneth Goodgame’s Impeccable Resume

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly influential business marketing leader who has been in the game for a long time now. He is one of the most recognized figures at True Value due to his vast experience spanning three decades. Goodgame specializes in creating a multi-platform OEM characterized by excellence and innovation at True Value. He is in charge of a team that is mandated to oversee harmonious corporate balance and employee engagement. He taps into his rich knowledge base to promote growth in the company through leadership. Goodgame is currently the VP and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame has managed to achieve so much in his career as a result of a combination of many factors. His ability to identify potential market niches and capitalize on new trends has made him valuable to every company he has worked with. Also, he has the skills and a veteran’s eye to identify investments that might be costly for the business.

Before he came to True Value, Ken worked in several companies. As a result, his resume is quite extensive. He has worked his way up in different management roles in every company. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Marketing, Goodgame quickly became part of the employed Americans. Between 1995 and 1999, he worked at D28 Product Merchant as the head of purchase in the southern part of the country. He then went to Proprietary Brands where he negotiated and implemented several deals worth billions of dollars in his capacity as the director. Kenneth later worked for Home Depot in Atlanta, GA as the Lead Procurement Officer. He has also worked as the President and General Manager of Rubbermaid Cleaning, CEO of Bernzomatic, Senior Vice President of Newell Rubbermaid and President of Baja Motorsport, a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries North America.

Kenneth values hard work and self-improvement. He is always eager to learn new things that enable him to better himself as a business leader and a role model in the society. Kenneth is a regular contributor to discussion panels that cover economic situations in the country.

Talk Fusion Receives Regional Recognition Due To Unprecedented Demand

Talk Fusion, an All-in-one video marketing solution, allows individuals and business to seamlessly integrate video into a number of digital verticals not limited to emails, newsletters, video chats, live broadcasts, virtual meetings, or even signup forms.

Before Talk Fusion entered the market, many individuals and businesses simply couldn’t implement videos into their emails or web pages without having the technical knowledge and equipment necessary. Thankfully, Talk Fusion now allows individuals to easily integrate videos into a number of systems without having understand the technical know-how.

Focusing on usability, Talk Fusion allows any user or business to utilize their software to create video emails, video newsletters, video sign-up forms, live meetings, or video chat without emptying wallets. The company offers 3 levels of usability, ranging in price form $25 up to $75 per month, while recently incorporating a trial for all its products.

The company prides itself on providing a catch-all video marketing solution, offering dozens of features for a rock-bottom price. Further the company focuses a considerable amount of energy and time on their various customer support departments. Working hand-in-hand with its clients, Talk Fusion can assist its users with the technical support as well as marketing support, offering digital marketing support for free.

Promotions & Deals

Currently, the company allows individuals and businesses to try out Talk Fusion free for 30-days in order to see if the software is the right choice for them. Additionally, the company is offering a free license for animal-based non-profit organizations.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, a near decade old marketing and technology company located near Tampa Bay, Florida, has continued to focus its efforts on helping other businesses grow via digital verticals. The company offers sleek and simple marketing products that are not only affordable and global, but can allow businesses to stand out from the crowd and provide a personalized connection with their client base.

For more information on the company, please visit their website here, or connect with the company via their Facebook page, found here.

John Goullet, Multi-Talented Entrepeneur and Master of The IT Marketplace

Following the career path of John Goullet is interesting and even educational. As a leading entrepreneur of several hugely successful ventures in the IT sector, John has shown the drive to succeed more than once to the benefit of his clients. He has certainly come a long way since working as an IT consultant in the early 90’s. As new market trends surfaced, it didn’t take long for him to realize that founding Info Technologies, his own IT Staffing Company, was the next step he needed to take.

Info Technologies focused on solving the staffing problems of many Fortune 500 companies nationwide. They were so successful that within five short years, they earned the 8th spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing, privately-held firms in the country. In 2010 John Goullet merged Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc. and DIVERSANT LLC was launched.

As DIVERSANT’s Principal, John is able to follow his desire of finding new ways to meet the demands of the fast moving IT marketplace. DIVERSANT benefits from an advisory board comprised of senior executives who though they may not be involved in day-to-day operations, their guidance and expertise are often invaluable. DIVERSANT meets often with board members to review market conditions and also company performance to ensure they never offer their clients less than the best there is.

It takes more than education to succeed in this business. John Goullet is an educated man, but he also has plenty of experience with something else so necessary to success in any venture. Focus is a simple word, but without it people don’t go far in life. John’s ability to ignore distractions and concentrate on solving problems for others is what got him where he is today and keeps him there.

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John Goullet At Diversant

Investing In Real Estate Is What David Osio Does Best

David Osio has been recognized as one of the leading investors and entrepreneurs out of South America, who has become incredibly wealthy. Over his career, David has taken his time expanding and building up his business as well as portfolio. Real estate investing can be incredibly profitable, though it is not something that everyone will like, anyone can benefit from doing it. David himself is the perfect example, who has found a great level of success doing so. For him, it is most important to think of the future when it comes to investing, as it usually ends up costing with short term decisions.

As an extremely successful businessman today, David has many people that look up to him in South America, especially Venezuela. Throughout his career, he has also spent his time building up other businesses as well as people, this is because he want’s to have an impact on the global community. He believes in putting people first, rather than disregarding them for investments and success. David works to be an inspiration to show people what they can be capable of if they are willing to work hard for it and not give up. Having the drive and will to keep going and be persistent for one’s goal will take them a long way on the road to success.

When David first started out on his own, he was working very long days without breaks or days off. This is what allowed him to build himself and catch up to the competition already in play. For him, the saying that you must be willing to give 150 percent to succeed holds true, as that is what it took for him to reach success. Often times when people ask him why they can’t grow their business or its having a hard time taking off, he will say they need to dedicate more of their time to it.

David still has big plans for his future, and he intends to keep building up his business for the future. With his strong record of success, there is no doubt David will become one of the wealthiest men out there today. This is also a good thing because David is passionate about getting involved in philanthropic projects, and is always looking to better the community.

Follow David on Twitter @davidosio1

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