Dr. Jennifer Walden: Bazaar’s Best

According to the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, even though noninvasive procedures such as Botox, peels, “skin-smoothing lasers”, and other such “wrinkle erasers” are becoming more and more popular as well as performed by a number of cosmetic and plastic surgeons, surgical procedures are still said to be “the gold standard” when one wishes to have an extremely younger body and face.

The magazine confirmed that almost 1.6 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in 2012. Their survey reveals that the top five cosmetic surgery requests are as follows:

Breast augmentation
Nose reshaping
Eyelid surgery

They also published an annotated list of some of the American physicians responsible for performing these procedures. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is included on that list. In fact, Texas-based Walden, who trained with the best doctors in New York is reported to have an actual ‘waiting list” for a number of different body and face surgeries including labiaplasty.

What’s so special about Walden? We’re glad you asked. Walden is not only a plastic surgeon but an academic, a media commentator and the founder of her private plastic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery center (Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC), located in Austin, Texas and Marble Falls, Texas.

As previously noted, her initial position was in New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She has appeared on such programs as Dr 90210, E!, VH1, Fox News and ABC News. She co-wrote a textbook titled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Some other highlights of her resume include being slotted in on Harper’s Bazaar’s 2014 list of “24 Best Beauty Surgeons” and being honored the following year as one of American Way’s “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” list. She has also garnered a reputation as a plastic surgeon who employs and even develops advanced, state-of-the-art technology in her practice.

Walden is specifically known for her use of a 3-D imaging technology known as Vectra. Vectra actually creates and presents the patient’s look prior to actual surgery. She also utilizes the temperature-controlled ThermiVa. Walden uses this radio-frequency system for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening.

Fun Lifestyle Hacks From Wengie To Simplify Your Summer

Wengie is a spunky, fun YouTube personality in Australia and she shares with us some of her quick and easy DIY summer time hacks in this video on YouTube:


 “11 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know”:
11. If you’re someone who enjoys floating in a pool but not actually getting wet, use a child-sized pool as your float. You can bring a book or towel with you as well. In the video you’ll meet “Nessie”, Wengie’s own floating kiddy pool.
10. Wengie shares a quick and easy way to make a floating drink cooler from a plastic tub, a cut up pool noodle and some string. This fun idea works for pool parties or lounging in your kiddy pool.
9. Use olive oil, honey and sugar to make a sugar scrub for legs. Use the scrub when shaving and have soft and smooth legs for days. Wengie gives us detailed instructions on how to mix and use the scrub.
8. Mix cocoa powder and your favorite lotion to make a temporary self-tanner.
7. Draw a design on your skin with sunscreen or school glue to leave a temporary sun tattoo while tanning.
6. Wengie suggests applying your powder foundation through a piece of tissue to avoid it being too heavy and to cover up oily skin.
5. Apply toothpaste to itchy bug bites to stop the itch.
4. Wengie gives us instructions for making our own mosquito repellent candles with a few ingredients you may have on hand now. The best part is that when the candle is finished, you can use the liquid left over as a spray repellent as well!
3. Use glow sticks and glass jars to make your own glow lamps. This is another fun one for your friends to do with you!
2. Insert a drawstring garbage bag into your beach tote to protect items from sneaky sand.
1. Use a harness clip to tote your flip flops along hands-free.
Check out the video for detailed instructions on each and for more fun from beauty blogger Wengie!