JustFab soaring above the lineup of subscription start-ups

JustFab, an online fashion site, is doing exceptionally well in the niche field of subscription based start-ups. As their profits grow, becoming an IPO is on the horizon. They have surged as an online leader by offering their own line of clothing, handbags and shoes, as they maintain a lively subscriber base of over 4 million members.

A recent LA Times article contrast JustFab’s accomplishment with other subscription based companies who are struggling to stay in business. JustFab co-founder, Adam Goldenberg, believes their product expansion of new categories for kids and men, combined with their unique boutique service has made them a success.

Customers who sign up as VIP shoppers enjoy a “personal boutique” curated by JustFab stylists who hand pick items built on the customer’s favorite styles. How do they know the preferences of each of their many subscribers? All customers must complete a short questionnaire when they sign up as a VIP.  Learn more about JustFab: http://www.bloomberg.com/Research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1434785&privcapId=37181322&previousCapId=37181322&previousTitle=Intelligent%20Beauty,%20Inc.

Every month, JustFab stylists fill each VIP’s personal boutique. Each member has until the 5th of the month to choose an item from their boutique for which they will automatically be charged $39.95. If they do not like any of the items, they may skip the month to avoid the automatic charge. If the member forgets to skip the month, or does not make a selection from their boutique, they will receive a credit, with no expiration attached, good towards the purchase of any product. VIP shoppers feel at ease knowing they will only receive the item of their choice. Nothing is sent without their approval.

Besides boutique offerings, Just Fab makes it affordable for everyone to get the styles they like at huge savings by creating and manufacturing of their own items. Through eliminating the middle man, shoppers save big with their in-house pricing.

Personalized service, expansive categories for the whole family, plus massive savings equates to an incomparable shopping experience that exceeds most any other retailer. JustFab makes staying fashionable fun and affordable for anyone looking to save big on fresh and exclusive designs.

Financial Investment Master Brad Reifler Talks ‘Money Monster’

Most people don’t realize it but the investment world is notoriously closed off to outsiders. If you aren’t making a sizable income right now, enough to meet the rigorous SEC ‘accredited’ standards, then you never will be given those juicy financial options. The recently released film ‘Money Monster’ touched on a host of issues with Wall Street and the financial world in a heightened, slightly sensational way. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler saw many issues in real life reflected in the film ‘Money Monster’ and decided to drop some of his opinions on the subject.

The primary thing that separates people in the investment world, according to Reifler, is their ‘accredited’ status. An accredited investor is given a bevy of options than the ‘regular’ investor will never see. The assumption here by the SEC is that the ‘99%’ of investors outside of their standards are simply too dumb to capitalize on these opportunities. Reifler feels like this fundamentally undermines the fairness of participating, thus pushing many already at-risk investors into even rougher territory. Is this far? No. Is this how the world is? Yes.

Next up Reifler is quick to point out how Wall Street brokers typically don’t always go to bat for their investors in an equal fashion. Most brokerages get their cut of money no matter how well the investments are doing, which means many lower tier investors are simply left in the dust when their account goes belly up. That is why most investors capitalize the majority of their time on the ‘accredited’ investor, creating another imbalanced relationship.

Finally, Reifler points out that the majority of investors are beholden to the stock market in a way that isn’t healthy for their finances. The stock market at its core is the riskiest way to invest your money. When an accredited investor struggles with the stock market they merely shift their finances around. When a non-accredited investor experiences that same struggle they are typically going to end up losing everything. With that being said, Reifler is working on creating fair investment opportunities for everyone through his company Forefront Capital.

White Shark Media Can Manage Your PPC Campaigns

White Shark Media is a leader in PPC advertising and marketing promotions. White Shark Media has been providing top notch advertising services to companies around the world and is one of the most reputable and reliable Adwords PPC management providers. Their team of highly qualified advertising specialists are well known for delivering on their promise, and they can guide you to success.

At White Shark Media Review team, their goal is to provide you with the guidance, resources and knowledge to set up a profitable campaign, generate targeted traffic and boost revenue in your business. As a well established advertising firm, they offer custom tailored advertising and marketing solutions for each client to make sure budgets and growth are properly managed and implemented correctly to increase revenues and ROI.

According to Microsoft, White Shark Media can take over your business’s entire advertising strategy and execution, or provide advice and guidance to help you in managing the advertising and promotions.

Having a great advertising campaign management is essential for success in today’s business environment, and White Shark Media makes sure to build a great reputation by providing the step-by-step guidance you need to master the required skills. They hold all of the necessary qualifications and certifications to properly manage and optimize effective PPC advertising campaigns and boost your ROI.

This video explains more:

Don’t make the mistakes of thinking that you can enter the PPC arena without adequate knowledge or skills. Running a PPC campaign without proper guidance or an expert’s assistance, is not advisable and will certainly lead to failure and frustration. You can and will have great results from your PPC campaign only if it is properly managed.

Let the certified Adwords team at White Shark Media show you how to set up a campaign with the right keywords and ad description that attracts your target audience, and is sure to bring in the sales. Another key component of their formula for success is tracking all their clients’ advertising efforts in great detail.

White Shark Media is the PPC campaign management team you need for success. They will generate traffic to your business, website or offers – simple as that. Go to their website and check out all the amazing advertising services they offer, including the free Adwords evaluation. You will be absolutely astounded when you find out how White Shark Media and its team of dedicated professionals can help you reach your goals.

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The SEC Whistleblowers Attorney

Securities and Exchange Commission has given an opportunity to all kinds of whistleblowers to report violation issues. The commission creation is a significant overhaul reform in the financial regulation system since the Great Depression affected the United States. Included in the reform is the Dodd-Frank Act. The Act provides the whistleblower with a program that gives them employment protections and financial incentives to whistleblowers reporting on the violation of the securities laws to SEC.

In light of the reforms, a law firm called Labaton Sucharow attorney was created The law firm was established with a primary objective of providing protection and advocacy services to the whistleblowers. The Labaton Sucharow hired top class, and skillful detectives, financial analysts and forensic investigators who can use the whistleblower representation Act on behalf of the whistleblowers.

The team’s experience together with the right leadership of Jordan A. Thomas gives the firm an impetus in representing the reporters of violations to the SEC and that in effect leads quality representation to the whistleblowers and implementation of whistleblower’s protection Act. Besides, the attorney is dedicated to whistleblowers’ payment of 10-30% of the penalties collected from successful application of Act in cases where the sanction is more than $1 million. Also, the attorney ensures that if the set standard is met, the whistleblower is paid awards on top of the original penalties. The supplemental award is calculated based on the total sanctions collected from reported actions by either a regulatory body or any law enforcement firm.

The necessary tool that Labaton Sucharow attorney uses as well to provide protection to the whistleblower is the Dodd-frank act. The Act prevent retaliatory activities against employees who report security violation to the Security and Exchange Commission and anonymous reporting platform through a representative to hide the identity of the whistleblower and welcome internal reporting.

The last but not least step taken by the attorneys is to ensure confidentiality and privacy of the cases. The sustainability of secrecy is achieved through the attorney-client privileges of whistleblowers. Additionally, in this regard, the SEC attorney has created many ways of reporting like using a telephone, submitting reports electronically through the website and email. The attorney has made it possible for free consultation and reports evaluation and initial consultation. More still the whistleblowers are discouraged from providing personal identification information as the names of the alleged security violation.

Fabletics Stores For Self Expression

Self expression is very important for many people. Fashion is one area where people can express themselves. Fabletics provides people the chance to find their own style. However, there have been limits to how people can use Fabletics. For one thing, Fabletics was online exclusive. According to an article on Racked, the owners of the company are changing that. Fabletics are opening retail locations for people to visit. This allows people to visit the stores and find clothes that they are interested in so that they can try it on before they could buy it. This is important because of the unique style and fit.

Fabletics is a very unique store in that it takes active wear and brings a stylistic approach to it. While many stores with athletic clothing sections have the same exact style that allows very little room for creativity, Fabletics offers plenty of unique products that have a different fit. This allows people to not only look better in athletic clothing, but also be able to exercise better because of the design on Pinterest. To make things even better, these clothes were designed for wearing on a night out. For this reason, the style came to be known as athleisure. Athleisure is taking off in a big way because of many celebrities like Kate Hudson.

With the physical locations springing forward, people will get to try on some of the more interesting products. As a result, people will find new staples and favorites for their wardrobes. They will also be inspired to experiment with new looks in order to put together a style that they will enjoy. They will also gain a lot of good attention from various people including those they admire. Fabletics is one company that helps athletes explore their more stylish side. The unique clothes that Fabletics have to offer are also sold at an affordable price. See: https://www.instagram.com/fabletics/?hl=en

Eucatex Soaring To Make Brazil A Forest Products Leader

The CEO of Brazilian company, Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, is an advocate of technological access in the classroom. He believes that something that could really help youth of today is reorienting technology to be more focused on education, and less focused on entertainment. Mr. Maluf says that technology can change educational outcomes for the better. Technology makes the classroom more enjoyable for students. Rather than just looking at a teacher, Mr. Maluf advocates more active participation using the Internet.

Mr. Maluf’s company, Eucatex, is a large forest products conglomerate. Eucatex has a heritage of using Brazil’s vast natural resources to make valuable things for its customers. Eucatex sells paint, base boards, and floors. The demand for Eucatex’s products has been good. Mr. Maluf recently commented on the merger behavior of drug giant Pfizer. He felt that they like to merger and unmerger a lot.

Mr. Maluf has served as the Vice President of Camara Municipal district. He is also the leader of Eucatex. Eucatex is growing, and this helps Brazil become a major exporter. A lot of other companies do not care about the environmental impact of their products. Eucatex uses the wonderful Eucalyptus tree for many of its goods. This helps associate the Eucatex name with natural quality and responsibility. The Eucalyptus tree is a favorite diet of koala bears, and thankfully, a popular ingredient for Eucatex’s customers. Eucalyptus trees can grow quite tall, and perhaps this is why their usage in Eucatex’s offerings makes it marketable as a quality company.  Flavio has already won several awards, and he continues to forge ahead in that vein with Eucatex by his side.

Wessex Institute of Technology, an Independent Research Institute Located in Lush Southampton

Wessex Institute of Technology, more commonly known as the Wessex Institute or WIT, is an independent scientific research institute located in the New Forest National Park of Southampton, England. The Institute hosts conferences, holds short courses, offers post-graduate research degrees, and conducts independent research. Wessex Institute divides its activities into three core areas: Research, Conferences, and Publishing.

Founded in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia, Wessex Institute is an outgrowth of the Computational Mechanics Institute, established in 1981. The main aim of the Institute is to foster “knowledge transfer mechanisms,” through a range of activities meant to stimulate the sharing of information and research between academia and jobs.

Research is the heart of the Institute. Through its collaboration with universities around the world, post-graduate students are hosted on WIT’s campus. In addition, the institute also affiliates with post-doctoral researchers and professors in its research program.

Conferences and publishing are the key means of achieving knowledge transfer. Each year, Wessex Institute holds approximately 25 conferences in fields ranging from Big Data to Safety Engineering. The Institute is also home to WIT Publishing, which puts out eight international journals, as well as an e-library providing access to conference transactions and peer-reviewed papers.

According to Wikipedia, Wessex Institute of Technology’s campus is called Ashurst Lodge and part of the New Forest National Park. Ashurst Lodge is around 10 km from Southampton’s city center and located in between the villages of Ashurst and Lyndhurst. Housing is available for researchers at Ashurst Lodge, including family accommodations. WIT is easily accessible by rail or air.

Stephen Murray Played A Fundamental Role In The Establishment Of CCMP Capital

The former CEO of CCMP Capital passed away aged 52. Stephen had left the firm a month earlier because of what the firm termed as “health-related” concerns. The former president of the private equity firm had served the corporation in different positions since 1989.

At one point, the firm was known as Chase Capital Partners. However, JP Morgan purchased Chase, thus changing its name to JP Morgan Partners. The firm ranked as one of the leading private equity firms around the globe. In 2006, the group spun out. In 2007, Stephen took over as the new CEO. He succeeded the founder of the group, Jeff Walker.

Before his demise, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital sat on the boards of Octagon Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Infogroup Inc., and Jetro JMDH Holdings. In 1989, Murray joined JP Morgan’s merchant bank. Here, he played a fundamental role of building a sizeable private-equity business. The firm became an active player in investments and even acquired minority shareholdings in corporations like concession operator, Aramark. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/01/realestate/west-village-townhouse-for-17-million.html?_r=0

Greg Brenneman asserted that they were saddened by the news Murray’s death. Greg is the chairman of CCMP. He also succeeded Stephen as CEO and president of CCMP. Greg went on to convey his sincere condolences to Murray’s wife and sons. In a letter, Greg asserted that Stephen Murray was the pride and joy of his family.

Being the founding partner of the firm, Stephen Murray had exceptional deal making abilities besides being a terrific investor. Much of his career was spent in private equity. Greg concluded by saying that the entire CCMP fraternity was grateful for his contributions towards the success of the corporation and its predecessors.

Stephen was born in 1962 in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in North Tarrytown, New York. Murray pursued his high school studies at Sleepy Hollow High School. Later, he enrolled at Boston College. Here, he studied economics and graduated in 1984. After his graduation, Murray entered the credit analyst training program, which was offered at Manufacturers Hannover.

Soon after, Murray attended Columbia Business School where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration. Prior to assuming his position at CCMP Capital, he served in various investment capacities at the company’s predecessor firms.

These firms include Chemical Venture Partners, Chase Capital Partners and JP Morgan Partners. Stephen Murray is survived by his wife, Tami, and sons. He also leaves behind his parents, Joseph and Nancy Murray, as well as his brothers and sisters in-law. The others are his son and daughter-in-law.

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