Success Served on a Golden Platter: Jim Hunt, VTA Publications

VTA Publications is the company of the investment professional Jim Hunt. The company aims to provide consumers with the most “cutting-edge”, newest and most effective information in the realms of economics and finance.

Jim Hunt is a highly talented and profitable trading professional who has honed his skills and practices to a level of nearly guaranteed profits; however, rather than coveting his secrets and skill set for himself, he has taken to providing products through VTA Publications Limited in the United Kingdom. The products Jim Hunt provides are the likes of physical seminars, online information sets and much more.

The goal of Jim Hunt and VTA Publications is to open the doors of financial independence and freedom to any who wish to achieve such a life. By attending Jim Hunt’s seminars or taking any form of his classes through VTA Publications, consumers will be faced with a plethora of facts, tips, tricks, strategies, methods and most importantly: options for how to improve the quality of their lives and move rapidly toward a comfortable and luxurious retirement and/or financial security.

The video serves as undeniable proof to add backing, credence and irrefutable support to Jim Hunt’s claims that the methods he teaches are tried and true.

Following the methods Jim Hunt teaches and explains to students in presentations and seminars will ensure that anybody can become a versed and profitable investor.

Lengthy video documentation exists of students of Jim Hunt’s seminars and classes providing live feedback and reviews of their experiences with Hunt and VTA Publications, as well as excerpts of what Hunt speaks about during his weekend seminars. Certain students explain within their testimonials that there are no reasons that they would not recommend Jim Hunt’s classes and products to other people they know. The students are confident in the knowledge and information they have obtained and plan to use it in the inevitable improvement of their quality of life. It stands to reason that Jim Hunt is an affluent investment figurehead.

How Thor Halvorssen Fights Tyranny

Thor Halvorrsen is a troublemaker. If you were a tyrant, that is probably what you would think of him. As an advocate for human rights, Halvorssen is keenly aware of the impact the certain governmental systems (such as socialism) can have on a nation. He has personally witnessed the impact of socialism on his family. As this article pointed out, his father exposed a socialist tyrant. Then he was arrested as a political prisoner and tortured. This gives Halvorssen a unique perspective on a difficult issue. He knows the impact that socialism can have. When the government has so much power, it is very easy for it to be abused by a mad dictator. Even if we have a benevolent socialist ruler, what will happen when the next one comes? Halvorssen recognizes that a socialist government is very easily infiltrated and corrupted.

Love For People

Why has Thor Halvorssen embarked on these human rights campaigns? Why has he endured beatings? He could have easily found a job in the United States as a reporter or some sort of political analyst. He is a very intelligent individual who has a lot to contribute. So, why has he chosen such a dangerous career? He says that it is because he loves people. He does not want to see the government take advantage of anybody. He also believes that this is what will happen in the United States if the government has too much power.

Who Is Thor Halvorssen?

Ironically, while Thor Halvorssen opposes socialism, he supported the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate. This was because of the overwhelming demerits of the other candidates. He pointed out that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seemed far too amenable to dictators and dangerous terrorist groups. As a result, he supported Bernie Sanders.

Of course, supporting Sanders does not make Halvorssen anymore sympathetic with socialism. Socialism is a lesser evil, for Halvorssen. After all, he suggests it will lead to a loss of jobs, food shortages, and many more consequences that could deeply impact the future of the United States. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to learn more.

White Shark Media Is Positive About All Situations

White Shark Media is an online marketing company with extensive knowledge and experience dealing with advertising and search engines as well as Ad Words.

White Shark has undergone a lot of changes since first launching, evolving based on the feedback of customers to improve on their systems. Regardless of what kind, White Shark Media is happy to receive all feedback from their clients about their services.

Early clients at White Shark had expressed the overall difficulty in communication and White Shark Media decided to act on this feedback by giving every client a direct connection to ensure quality communication, as it is a critical part of all company’s regardless of size. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

White Shark Media took the step to ensure communication was easy. The company also schedules meetings online as well as status calls on a monthly basis for customers to ask their questions and get involved.

White Shark, like any business should be, is completely aware that complaints and feedback are important for assisting the direction and growth of a company, including themselves. When just starting out, mistakes are unavoidable, but they can be reviewed upon and correct in the future to improve the business efficiency.

The majority is always considered first, because complaints always manage to surface no matter how well things are handled for any given situation. Most White Shark Media Complaints have expressed their appreciation for the way the company does business for complete customer satisfaction.

White Shark has an excellent team of dedicated individuals that have the knowledge and experience working with customers from all over with all different kinds of situations. Every customer is handled fairly and White Shark’s staff works with each client to help them understand their business and what it needs.

A White Shark Media professional personally works with each customer and follows through to the end, to keep things running smooth. Any questions and feedback are always welcome at White Shark, whether good or bad.

White Shark Media has stuck to the main focus on services, despite a common suggestion for search engine optimization (SEO) services to be included.

They are solely dedicated to providing the very best services in marketing and promotions for businesses. White Shark Media has stated that they plan to keep improving their services for as long as they continue to receive feedback from their customers.

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Coriant’s New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir


Coriant is an independent telecommunications company which was founded sometime in the year 2013. Currently the company employees a lot of people with its workforce estimated to be slightly over 3000 employees. Coriant has its headquarters in Munich, Germany and in Naperville state in the United States of America.

Coriant is thus one of the leading telecommunication firms going by the fact that its client base is so big. Key among its clients is government agencies, mobile service providers, financial institutions just but to mention a handful. Coriant being a dynamic and innovative network solutions company serves over 100 countries in the world with quite an array of their products.

The year 2015 saw the appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir as the new chief executive officer of the company together with also sitting as the chairman of the board. Kheradpir takes over from the outgoing CEO Pat DiPietro who the company will be retaining and is new role would be sitting as the chairman of the company. Kheradpir is not new in Coriant because prior to his appointment he had worked with the senior management team as the operating manager at Marlin Equity partners which are owned by the Coriant founder for a period exceeding one year.

Coriant pride itself to have the best team to make it a leading telecommunications company worldwide. Its team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is innovating solutions that are geared upon redefining the communication sector. With its deep understanding of the communication world, Coriant is providing its clients with professional services that are geared upon bring new extensive technology and revolutionizing the telecommunication world.

The new chief executive officer Shaygan Kheradpir has quite a vast experience and knowledge in the telecommunication field having worked in the communication world for over 28 years. His entry thus into Coriant is expected to spur growth and will provide the much- needed experience that will drive the company to greater heights. Shaygan is bachelors, masters and a Ph.D. holder in Engineering from the Cornell University.

Until his new appointment as the CEO of Coriant, Kheradpir had worked with Jupiter Networks serving as its CEO until late in the year 2014 when he resigned from that firm. He has also worked with Barclays bank as its chief operations and technology officer he is one of the first technological officers to sit in any executive board. He first began his career working with GTE rising through the ranks to become its vice president.



With So Many Online Daters, Skout Is The Dating Network Of Choice

It’s statistically proven that over 50% of people are dating online these days, which means the majority of people choose online dating as opposed to the traditional type of dating that used to be popular. Although many may have their problems with online dating, it has to be noted that dating people online can be very effective and gives a person a wider choice of people to choose from. Some may have been stuck with dating those in their immediate area are now allowed to date people in other states and even internationally when they use a dating network like Skout.

Although there are a lot of dating networks that exist online, Skout is known as one of the best because of the fact that the network allows people to date.  A lot of people that use the Skout network have chosen to do so to find a friend, and users have hundreds of millions of individuals to choose from. Many have been able to put together groups or circles of people that get together in real life, and these people found each other on the Skout network.

Those who want to date on Skout will simply need to create a profile, and only a few minutes are needed to make the profile live and ready to go. Those who choose to add their picture on the Skout network will find that they get a lot more feedback and responses from interested parties than those who choose not to add a picture.

Using the Skout network can be tons of fun for those who are dating, and they can message someone when they’re ready as well as sending them greetings to get to know the person better. Virtual gifts are also available on the Skout network, and some features on Skout can be purchased with Skout points. It’s easy enough to purchase Skout points, especially since the buyer only needs to use their credit or debit card to purchase as many points as they need.

An Inventive, New Video Marketing Solution Emerges

Video marketing leader Talk Fusion has developed a more effective method of communication for Talk Fusion users. The new WebRTC Recorder allows users to create high-quality videos designed specifically for video newsletters and video email in Chrome and Firefox browsers. Since the innovative technology syncs with your browser, it allows you to record and playback your videos quickly. Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina mentioned that the company is one of the first to fully employ WebRTC technology into the products. The utilization of this technology allows businesses and individuals across all fields and industries to communicate.

The existing customers of Talk Fusion can click on video email or video newsletter from their browser to begin using the feature. This new and inventive way to communicate has immense potential benefits for emails and newsletters. Differentiate yourself from your competition in a fundamental way using Talk Fusion’s WebRTC product. Talk Fusion’s new product allows businesses to engage their customers in an entertaining way. Video emails and newsletters can easily be sent to donors, customers, friends, and family. Clicking the webcam feature on the product dashboard lets you begin recording from where you are. The WebRTC recorder has innovated the way that individuals and businesses can communicate with each other.

Talk Fusion has successfully created a new way for high quality, real-time interactions to take place. The company’s current users will benefit greatly from the new communication product. Talk Fusion is currently in the process of applying this new technology to all of their other products that do not currently offer the feature. The rising popularity of WebRTC technology will continue to evolve the communication landscape online today. Talk Fusion is passionate about providing dynamic ways to engage through video marketing. Independent associates available in over 140 countries market Talk Fusion’s video marketing products. Since the company’s inception in 2007, the CEO Bob Reina has instilled the importance of giving back to the community, animal charities, family, and friends.


How Kevin Seawright’s Leadership Makes RPS Solutions A Success

RPS Solutions, founded by Kevin Seawright, is a real estate company that builds, restores, and renovates affordable homes in the Baltimore area with the goal of raising the number of homeowners in the area significantly and ultimately getting that number to reflect the same amount of home ownership rates as the rest of the state.

A ‘joint partnership venture‘ RPS Solutions has been successful at getting first time homeowners into homes because of the leadership and vision of Kevin Seawright. Seawright told LocalTalknews he believes that creating stable neighborhoods and thriving economies begins with raising the home ownership rate in the area and so RPS has focused on offering various real estate services to all interested home buyers who seek their help. The company acts as a liaison and guides the prospective home buyer through the process of finding the home for them by providing information and help at every step of the way. From connecting buyers to lenders to facilitating construction or renovation on the properties the buyers purchase RPS Solutions is there to do the hard work and take care of the technicalities and legalities involved in real estate transactions.

Recently RPS Solutions has been successful at rejuvenating the home ownership numbers in a Baltimore neighborhood known as Belvedere Square. This area is ideal for the selling of affordable homes and the success the company has had in getting homes sold to first time home buyers in the area goes towards proving that Seawright’s philosophy is right.

Kevin Seawright’s work in local government, education, and real estate in Baltimore and Washington DC gives him unique perspective on how home ownership and creating such stable relationships within a community makes the community itself stronger. His background in accounting and project management gives him the knowledge and skills to know exactly how to run a company like RPS Solutions. With Seawright’s skilled leadership the company is well on its way to meeting its goal of raising Baltimore’s home ownership rate.  See his full bio on the Newark CEDC website.

George Soros’s Foundation Thwarts James O’Keefe’s Plan To Gain Access To Its Operations

In the recent past, James O’Keefe’s attempt to gain access to a group funded by Soros failed to materialize because he did not hang up the phone. As James was calling the Open Society Foundation, he introduced himself as Victor Kesh. However, unaware that he had not hang up, he engaged an unidentified person concerning his plan.

In a voicemail to Dana Geraghty, James is heard asserting that Kesh is Hungarian-American. He goes further to posit that he would like to be involved in aiding the company fight for European values. James requests Dana to direct him to a contact person and leaves a number. As soon as Kesh completes the call, James is heard asking someone to keep mum until he hangs up the phone.

In a 10-minute conversation about his plan against the group, Kesh is heard saying that it would be prudent to use Dana’s LinkedIn page to get to George Soros. After a while, he realizes that this move would not serve anything but revealing his own LinkedIn account to Dana. Later, Dana asserted that she was scared when the group started talking about her as the point of entry. Dana goes on to contend that based on their discussions, James and his group was not well versed in matters of technology.

On receipt of the voicemail, the foundation’s president, Chris Stone, scoffed at their effort to dupe Dana. While comparing the group with the Watergate burglars, Stone asserted that the group looked bad. Stone went on to argue that since the group could not use the internet browser, it was ill prepared to carry out an undercover operation. Stone decried O’Keefe and his group for their dirty tricks.
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About George Soros

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundation. This foundation incorporates networks, partners and projects around the world. The idea of respecting people’s rights, accountability in government undertakings and lack of monopoly of the truth triggered Soros to establish the society. Soros has been actively involved in philanthropic activities since 1979. George Soros started by helping South African students pursue their university education through giving them scholarships. He is also credited with establishing the Central European University in order to enhance critical thinking. Over the years, Open Society Foundation has provided support to lawyers and paralegals. These lawyers have played a pivotal role in representing many people, especially those held unlawfully without legal representation.

Besides the Open Society Foundation, Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management. Born in 1930, George was able to flee Hungary after the communist dominated the nation. In England, he attended and graduated from the prestigious London School of Economics. Soon after, he flew to United States where he settled. Soros made wealth through the international investment fund, which he established and managed. Soros has authored many books, which includes The Tragedy of the European Union. This book was published in 2014. His essays and articles expounds on political, economic and societal maters. These literature materials appear in major magazines and newspapers around the globe. Visit: