Next Generational Real Estate leader Gets William Skelley on Board

William Skelley is the pillar founder and CEO of a dynamic real estate Crowdfunding platform, iFunding. William is based in New York and attended Hobart College and Harvard Business School to study OPM, Business. He is highly skilled in real estate crowdfunding and that has promoted him as a member of Next Generation of Real Estate leaders. CrowdFundInsider shows Skelley has brought many good changes in the world of real estate crowdfunding among them, an online investment.

CNBC outlines that iFunding is a private firm that was founded in the year 2012 in New York and now growing in Asia, to solve many problems experienced by real estate investors. It has a team of leaders who work tirelessly to transform developers and pioneers to pool funds together, build investors rapport, and establishing a strong foundation for projects on legal and financial administration matters. iFunding brings a solution to investors of as low as $5,000 who could not have secured a chance in other investment firms to crowdfunding.

Michael Stoler, a Managing Director of Madison Capital Reality runs a show which has been on the air for 15 seasons .The program is referred to as NYs Business Report and is out weekly to real estate and commercial trends in the tri-state zones. Stoler invites Skelley for a diversified show as well as other named esteemed men and women from real estate leading companies globally namely ; Carlyle Group, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, CIT, Kushner, Cushman, and Wakefield.

Launching of iFunding, the most dominating giant name in online real estate investment podium in 2012 by Skelley has led to enormous growth of the firm. Skelley’s business plan has led to the financing of more than 40 real estate developments leading to a value of over 250 million. He also established a boutique investment bank which acquired hundreds of million dollars after underwriting $2billion in real estate. Skelley introduced crowdfunding in real estate industry and propelled it after a ruling of Title 11 of the JOBS Act.

William worked earlier at Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund firm started by Dr. Clayton Christensen of Harvard School of Business. Skelley will also feature to be part of an episode that will be aired on 2016 on the Stoler Report. The discussions on the table will also feature Paul Braungart, former iFundning sponsor, CEO, and founder of Regional Capital Group. The panel will face the agenda dominated on the evolution of real estate.

More Precise Searching With A Visual Search Engine

Businesses today now more than ever need to consider the ways that people are using technology such as image recognition. A consumer today isn’t just necessarily going to go to a store and buy a product. Instead, they are likely to bring their phones with them and then use the phones to examine the products they see in front of them as they go shopping. The savvy consumer today will be one who has a cell phone that can take pictures as video no matter where they are at any given moment. An effective business will be aware of the best way to reach out to such consumers in order to work with them to get the products they need.

Reaching Out to Consumers Directly

Any business today needs to understand the mindset of those who are searching for items.  Any business owner, whether large or small, needs to know what consumers are doing today when they go looking for an item of any kind. The business owner who knows this is one who can be stay on top of the needs of today’s consumer at all times.

Help From Slyce

Slyce is one of the nation’s most innovative consumer and business organizations. They know the importance of being able to help consumers today get what they want and need. They know that they can help businesses owners understand the needs of the new technology and use it to their advantage. This is why they have been able to help so many businesses reach out to those in need of their services in understanding how the technology continues to evolve.

An Elegant App

At Slyce they know that they can help provide consumers and businesses a way of communicating directly. The app their staffers have worked to develop over the last few years is one in which both consumers and businesses can use to connect to each other easily without a problem. A consumer may turn to the app into order to get help while a business can use the app to allow them to find what they are looking for from them. Both parties are able to benefit from such help in order to get a great transaction.

Skout CFO Portia Kersten’s Proven Path To Success

Growing up with imagination as your greatest tool, gives you much time to aspire to greatness. For Portia Kersten, these aspirations became a reality. Learning the importance to “fight the odds” at a young age, from childhood roll models, has given this talented CEO a clear model for success.

A woman working fearlessly in the international business world has gained much insight. Her involvement in big mega corporations or the smaller local businesses, she saw similar patterns immerge out of unique challenges. Understanding those similarities and patterns is the foundation of creating any great business, no matter the size. These are some of the lessons Portia Kersten operate under in the business world.

Portia Kersten is CFO of Skout, a global platform for how people meet. Designed to connect people from all walks in life, Skout brings people together. No matter the reason to meet, Skout can help. The Skout community is utilized in 13 languages and can be found bringing people together in more than 100 countries.

Being the Chief Financial Officer of such a diverse company has challenges and rewards. She accredits her team as her greatest reward “Easily the greatest highlight is the smart and talented staff of Skout,” she commented. Her balance is not magic; it’s a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and to focus on the high priority things.

According to Ms. Kersten in a recent Huffington Post interview, when asked about her biggest issue as a woman in the workplace. “Confidence. The recipe for confidence is; logic, politeness and repeat. Oh, and don’t be afraid to put your feet up on the conference room table. It’s very comfortable.” She said in her interview.

Passing the tradition of having a mentor and then becoming one, Portia enjoys mentoring young woman as they rise in their own careers. Enforcing in those she mentors, “Always question the status quo and don’t let others define you.” Advising them to “seek out and focus on the people in the room that dont dismiss you.” Those are the people that make the strongest friends and colleagues.

Leading the future towards a larger global interactive community. Skout is committed to bringing people together locally, globally in this every growing connected world. Portia Kersten has much to do with the current success and future vision for taking Skout to the next level of connecting people.

Wikipedia Writing Engages Students

Lecturers and professors at the University of Sydney were looking for a way to get the student really involved with the learning process. The University of Sydney assessments decided to require students create and/or edit a Wikipedia page. Staff at the university realized that students were just plain bored with writing long essays that were written for one person. However, the idea that their Wikipedia edits and writing would be read by millions of peers on Wikipedia sparked more interest in learning. Several departments at the University of Sydney are now requiring students to research, write, and edit articles on Wikipedia. Students find that it is very satisfying to see that their finished work is read by millions across the world. 

Engaging Wikipedia Page Creation

Placing a website on the Internet takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to get it noticed and traffic flowing to the site. Marketers spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising efforts. The fact is that there is one advertising and marketing effort that is very affordable or absolutely free in some circumstances. A well kept secret is that Wikipedia is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet. Marketers across the Internet are reaping tremendous benefits when they create a Wikipedia page. For example, many notice improved traffic flow, more brand recognition, more personal recognition, increased credibility for their product, and more profits. Placing several business pages on Wikipedia requires time and the ability to carefully follow the strict Wikipedia guidelines. Still, it is the leading way to receive great recognition and increased traffic to a website. 

Get Your Wiki

A marketer could spend hours, days, weeks, or even months trying to write articles for Wikipedia that are approved. Of course, after approval, the marketer will have to carefully monitor their articles and update a Wikipedia page as new information or inaccurate information pops up on the page. Certainly, this is a very time consuming process. However, a smart marketer’s move is hiring Wiki writers to create a business page for themselves on Wikipedia. For example, the Get Your Wiki writers are professional Wikipedia editors for hire that take the drudgery and stress out of writing Wikipedia articles. There are numerous benefits that are associated with hiring a Wikipedia writer from a trusted Wikipedia writing company such as Get Your Wiki. They are experts at creating Wikipedia friendly pages that get accepted. They will also update, edit, and monitor all the pages that they write for their clients. Their constant monitoring and editing will make sure that the client’s business pages stay engaged, friendly, and at the top of search engine results.

Keith Mann Gives Back to the Community

Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has partnered with Uncommon Schools to pioneer the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement award. Uncommon Schools is an NGO based in New York City whereas the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement award seeks to recognize next generation innovators in the business world. These innovators are to be trained to become business leaders. Each year, the award will take up one graduating senior from the Uncommon Schools based in Brooklyn.

The scholarship is meant to ensure the successful applicant attends a four-year college course, all expenses taken care of. Senior high school graduates are to write a 1,000-word essay to be eligible. The essay is to capture how the college degree will help them achieve their professional goals.

Keith Mann said that Dynamic Search Partners is looking into supporting low-income students to graduate and fully pursue their professional desires. The successful applicant receives a $5,000 scholarship towards their college tuition.

Keith Mann is an experienced executive and expert in hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. He started out in 2002 with the Alternative Investment Practice that was part of Dynamics Executive Search and later ventured into private equity, in 2006, as an expansion of his earlier practice. He later established Dynamics Search Partners in 2009 and he is currently the CEO of DSP that is dedicated to alternative investment firms. DSP works with more than 200 firms across the United States, Asia and Europe.

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An Update On Avi Weisfogel And Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me, a funding campaign, was founded by Avi Weisfogel, a well thought of dentist, to support a charity called Operation Smile. Founded by Bill and Kathy McGee in 1982, this non- profit first started in the Phillipines. Surgery was performed on children and young adults who suffered from facial or dental deformities, such as cleft palate or cleft lips. The surgeries were completely free of charge for patients and their families.

One of Operation Smile’s biggest supporters, Avi Weisfogel, earned his bachelor’s in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. He then went on to earn his dentistry degree from New York University College of Dentistry. In January, 1996, Weisfogel established his dental practice in Old Bridge, NJ. Following that, he founded Dental Sleep Masters and the Healthy Heart, two organizations that addressed sleep disorders through the use of dental products.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel began a GoFundMe through the development of crowd- funding pages online. The pages are equipped to accept donations for the charity, Operation Smile. He advertises the pages through social media, which contain links for the crowd- funding pages, so that the reader can more easily make a donation.

In an interview, Weisfogel said that Operation Smile believes that every child deserves dental surgery and that these children should be treated as if they were our own. Operation Smile has expanded internationally because there is such a need. In some of the third world countries, where facial deformities and dental problems are so severe, Operation Smile has provided care and worked to provide hope.

Avi Weisfogel went on to say that his passions and background led him to use Go Fund Me to support Operation Smile. In addition, he gave $2,000 to this charity. Weisfogel has received many awards for his hard work on getting dental care to impoverished areas.

Operation Smile now works all over the world with doctors, hospitals other agencies, and governments, to perform these dental surgeries to as many needy children as possible for free.  It has formed an international network, helping children all over the world to smile again, and has done tremendous work in a humanitarian way.

Talk Fusion Supports Effective Videos In Email Marketing Campaigns

Innovative marketing strategies are critical for any small business to thrive. A decade or so ago, those small businesses that shifted towards video and email marketing discovered great new ways to tap into large numbers of customers. Hello Tesla has published a solid, eye-opening article that reveals fusing video marketing with email marketing could draw in a significant number of new customers.

Talk Fusion is one of the top services to call on for video marketing work. The founder of the firm innovated the concept of putting videos inside of emails. Not everyone responds to prose. Photo images may not always be very effective either. The use of video might move far more people to respond positively to an ad. Talk Fusion has proven this to be true as evidenced by the popularity of its many video marketing services.

Email video marketing may be a new concept to some. A lack of familiarity may lead some to wonder if this type of marketing is right for them. The Hello Tesla article puts forth a host of reasons why video in email marketing has only upsides. Revenues and conversions may experience upticks far beyond what was expected.

Anyone who engages in email marketing without videos included in the content could be undermining the cause. The “cause” refers to the ability to generate revenue. Any advertising campaign that is unable to maximize revenues is one that should be tweaked. Adding videos to an email might be the perfect tweak that gives an advertising campaign a major boost.

Help With Spring Cleaning From A Great App Called Handy

A few weeks ago, I got into a nasty car accident. I was hit out of the blue by someone who was breaking the law. This made it really hard for me to do my usual spring cleaning. So I decided that it would be a great idea for me to consider hiring a cleaning company instead. I needed to find a company that I knew I could trust that had been carefully screened. This proved to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. I tried to find a cleaning company on my own but I was not happy with the results. Many people couldn’t offer me any references and didn’t see very familiar with my area. After multiple tries I found an app called Handy.

Vetted Companies

Finding help with spring cleaning is harder that I thought it was going to be. A co-worker I’ve known for years told me to consider a new app called Handy. She said that it had provided her with the kind of help she needed to get her house cleaned.

Great Help

I worked my way though Handy following the steps indicated to me right there. It was surprisingly easy to use. The directions were clearly shown by the app at every turn. I was able to use it to find a list of cleaning companies that I knew would meet my needs in every way. I hate spending hours trying to find services and interviewing strangers over the phone. Thanks to the app, I was able to locate a list of companies that I knew had been totally vetted. I knew that I could count on them to make that process much easier for me. Handy has been fabulous. My house was cleaned exactly as I wanted it without a problem.

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Investing Tips From Brad Reifler

With many years of experience in the financial sectors. Brad Reifler and entrepreneur and investor has experienced years of success with great companies which are based in United States. After working his way to the top with all major struggles. Brad founded Forefront Company Capital. He founded his Forefront from trading company in the early years. The firm managed some million dollars in the secret accounts that evolved in the institution research. According to research Forefront Capital Advisors became one of the global financial services firms and it started providing alternative investments and banking services.  MarketWired really covers where Brad Reifler has taken them.

Its foundation was highly attracted with respect and influenced business leaders to invest.  In the article written by Reuter’s blog Brad Reifler gave 5 important tips one should follow and get more percentage benefits. Below are points by Brad for any investor looking to make any safe investment.  They are echoed on his website, but also in the tenets they’ve set for Forefront’s continued focus on the middle class.

• Been careful on how or where to invest your funds- it is therefore considered for one to research on the risks, charges and also expenses.

• It is always advised to consider your money- some investors are known to be insecure of their cash and where they invest it.

• He advised that one should not put all his funds into the investment companies. Investors are advised to put either a quarter or half of their money when investing.

• He advised that one should know where is going to invest your money. It is always advised one to build trust with the firm you giving your funds.

•  It’s always good to know the objective behind your investing, if something is working then do it.

Highland Capital Management’s CEO Is Betting Big On Argentina

It’s true. Argentina did default on bonds in the past. The 2002 default amounted to $95 billion, and that put Argentina in a very difficult economic position. The former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner tried to squeeze the investors that held the bonds, and she managed to settle with about 92 percent of those hedge funds and private investors. But four hedge funds wanted full payment not the 30 cents on the dollar most creditors got. After all, Argentina is a rich country even though the country’s economic performance and their financial decisions were made at a pre-school level.

Highland Capital Management’s CEO James Dondero has been studying the Argentina situation for several years. Dondero is known for making good decisions when it comes to acquiring assets in emerging markets. Highland Capital has an office in Sao Paulo, so Dondero is very familiar with the South American business mentality. Dondero has managed to build Highland Capital into one of the most trusted investment firms in the United States. The Dallas-based Highland Capital has a whopping $19 billion in assets under management. And Dondero invested another $4 billion in Argentina debt in 2014.

Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner defied a U.S. court order in 2010, and that only exacerbated the country’s economic crisis. The people of Argentina finally saw the light and voted Mauricio Marci into office in November 2015. Dondero knew a change was coming. When Marci announced a new bond offering of more than $12 billion, Dondero jumped at the chance to invest more money in Argentina bonds because of the great return the company was getting on the $4 billion already invested.

Buying Argentina’s debts is not a low risk investment, according to Mr. Dondero. There is no guarantee that Marci won’t do what his predecessor did, but Dondero said the situation is different now. The United States has pledged its support, and the Chinese want to initiate a new trade agreement with Argentina in 2016. Marci has made important changes in the finance ministry, and he has also replaced the head of the country’s central bank. Marci is also meeting with labor and political leaders to establish common ground during the transition.  A recent article also explained why Highland Capital and other investors are bullish on Marci and Argentina.

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